Adoption is a very sensitive subject for both the birth mother and the adoptee. Depending upon the circumstances and the timing of the pregnancy each person is left with questions and confusion about how did we get here. My belief is that in order for the reunion to be successful each person needs to have a desire to be reunited. For the birth mother the reunion may be more difficult and painful due to the fact that they gave up their child. The adoptee doesn’t always recognize that they may have issues because it is more important to have been reunited and accepted. As a life coach/counselor and birth mother I will assist in exploring your feelings and help you to navigate the reunion and the issues that may arise during this time. Ultimately this process will foster forgiveness, healing and connection.


Relationships are never easy at any age; however, they take commitment and a willingness to be open, honest and responsible for one’s attitude and behaviors. Most of us were not taught or shown how to have a healthy relationship. So often we make mistakes because we don’t know any better. We just do or say without thought or understanding of what we are doing. As a relationship coach I will support you in fostering the love you have for your partner and encourage you to ask for what you need and want in your relationship. I will assist you in figuring out what changes are necessary for the both of you so that can achieve mutual love, trust, respect and happiness.

Grief & Loss

As a grief educator and counselor, I provide a safe and comfortable place for you to share “where you are “on any given day. My goal is for you to express your feelings and problems in a safe, caring, and supportive environment. I will share my feedback and offer advice and suggestions (if you are open to that) on how you can find your way through grief, which is tremendously complicated and unpredictable. Grief is not linear; it takes as much time as you need. It is important to not compare your process to others’ grief and not to let others judge your process. I provide individual and couples counseling and coaching services in person and virtually. May you find the peace and support that you are seeking for your personal and grief journeys.